April 12, 2012

Upper Arm Lift

When correcting the shape of the upper arm a combined plastic surgery is usually carried out.

Surgeons use liposuction and surgery to cut off excess skin. The ultimate goal of these operations is to make firm and shapely arms and shoulders for the patient.

However, it should be known that while performing the upper arm liposuction plastic surgeon has to make big enough cuts, which in turn result in scarring. With proper care in the postoperative period the scars get lighten. Such operations are recommended for people at an age when there is a real need for hand surgery, as referring to the loss of skin elasticity, creating more favorable conditions for rehabilitation.

It should be noted that young people have scars from cuts brighter and noticeable. This is the main disadvantage such operations.

Fat is accumulated in the hands mainly in their upper parts and more of all from the inside. In hands, as well as in the legs, there is quite a complicated system of superficial and deep veins, passing under the muscles and subcutaneous fat tissue. Under the fat layer there are outer layers of the muscles, and then the muscles themselves.

The technology of the operation is such that the first the liposuction of hands is carried out for the patient. After removal of excess fat, the skin is marked by the area in the form of an ellipse of width 5 to 10cm, stretched from the armpit to the elbow joint, which will be excised. The skin and fat under the targeted area is removed down to the muscle membrane, after which the incision is closed with a strong thread under the skin surface. Then it is imposed by hidden seams, which approach each other and are fixed to the skin edges. If necessary, on the first day the surgical wound drainage tube will be entered. After all surgical procedures Elastic bandages will be applied from wrist to armpit

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