Edwin Turkof, Professor, MD, is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

 The range of his medical services in plastic - aesthetic medicine is very wide, so only some of them: the correction of nasal surgery, operations to change the shape of the breast, liposuction, facial surgery, modern methods of facial rejuvenation, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, upper arm and thigh lifting, correction of the form of ears and chin. The broad fields of his activities include the correction and removal of scars and stitches and reconstructive (replacement) surgery.

Since 1985, he, as a plastic surgeon, visited many countries. He tried his hand as a specialist in the Himalayas, the Sahara desert in Cairo, on the territories of the United States, in Kiev, in Bombay, in the clinics of Israel and the Czech Republic. He knows that for him it is the most prestigious profession in the world. Professor Turkof successfully passed on their knowledge in colleagues of the Ukraine, Israel and India, trained in hospitals in Paris and Brussels.

Private clinicof Dr.Turkofa isbuilton the principle ofpolyclinics. Medical servicecovers bothindividualpatient careandcollegialcollaboration withdermatologists, gynecologists,neurologists,internists,urologists andmaxillofacialsurgeons.

Due to the constant internships under the guidance of international authorities in the field of surgery, he continually opens up new horizons in the field of plastic surgery and microsurgery. In 1999 he carried out liposuction in Vienna with the help of vibration, in 2002 he corrected circles under the eyes and lacrimal sacs with liposuction to Loeb method. In 2005, Edwin Turkof performed transplantation of lymph vessels, and in 2006, carried out the subperiosteal midface lifting.

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