April 12, 2012


Everyone wants to have a slender figure. But if the Nature has not presented the desired shape or shape affected by force majeure, then excess subcutaneous fat should be remove by using plastics. Modern techniques are varied. Ultrasonic, tumescent, electronic, laser - all lipomodelling means, which allow adjusting the most figure defects. One of the most common types of plastic is a stomach liposuction. After destroying the excess fat that is accumulated, the man instantly becomes the owner of a slender waist, tummy tightened and expressive forms in general. Note that abdominal liposuction is claimed not only among women but also the men. 

Before the procedure a special solution of Klein, who is a "cocktail" of saline, lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the fat. Under its influence fat cells are swelling and become soft. At the same time the vessels are narrowing. As a result, it is easy to destroy the fat with minimal blood loss.

Ultrasonic liposuction by its name defines the peculiarity of such a model. That is ultrasound assisted liposuction - the destruction of fat cells with help of ultrasound. But perhaps the most modern, efficient, and most painless method is laser, that is the impact of the beam built into the cannula. In particular, it is the popular laser liposuction of thighs, which helps to correct and permanently get rid of the surplus of this attractive part of the body. Laser is used also for liposuction of knees and chin. In short, to remove excess fat in any area an efficient way can be found.

Depending on the method of liposuction it is possible to remove different amounts of fat emulsion. As a rule, the choice of method is determined by the amount of excess subcutaneous fat, place of its location and individual characteristics of the patient.

Liposuction has a great advantage: even a significant amount of body fat does not mean a big traumatic character of the operation. To remove the fat emulsion during liposuction small incisions of up to 0.5 cm are performed. This provides an easy and quick healing and rehabilitation.

Additionally, liposuction has long-acting result, the effect is saved for the rest of life and fat deposits in areas affected by liposuction, practically do not appear again. Duration of saving the result explained by the fact that during the liposuction the scars formed in the area of subcutaneous fat prevents the re-accumulation of fat. In addition, the volume of fat cells is predetermined genetically, that also does not allow the fat, removed during liposuction, come back to its place

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