April 12, 2012

Fat grafting (fat transfer)

The maintenance of natural forms is an essential component of many programs for rejuvenation. Transplantation of adipose tissue gives excellent result for the patients losing the amount of fatty tissue under the skin, most often on the face.

 An average portion is considered to be one of the most important areas where is the need to maintain 

volume. To do this, many patients resort to transplantation of adipose tissues, filling the gap in different parts of the body including the buttocks and the breast. 

The procedure for transplantation of adipose tissue provides dramatic results, restoring your face for Youth and Beauty.
Transplantation of adipose tissues, also known as the transplantation of own fat or microlipoinjection is a popular alternative to other methods of correction of wrinkles. In this procedure, the patient's facial features are given by injection of a volume of its own fat, taken mostly from the anterior abdominal wall. At this manipulation local anesthetic for pain relief is used for the both areas. Fat intake is held by vacuum suction. Then the fat tissue is saved in a special way to remove excess liquid, and only after that it is teasing in the marked area of the face. The procedure for transplantation of adipose tissue in the mouth area is safe; it gives the correct lip contour and shape. Hypoallergenic procedure means that transplantation is used for your own fat tissue.


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